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What Is Whey Isolate

​Whey isolate is one the most well-known protein supplements in the market. Whey isolate has been the choice of many athletes and bodybuilders for a long time. So what is it about the whey isolate that makes it better? What is it exactly and where it comes from and how can you get the best out of it. In this article, we will answer these questions. So let’s dive in.

  1. What is whey isolate ?

    Whey isolate is a protein obtained from milk. Milk proteins are divided into two categories, casein, and whey. Whey isolate belongs to the whey category of milk proteins. Whey isolate is known for its higher purity. Whey Isolate in raw form contains about 90% proteins.

  2. Source of whey Isolate

  3. Whey proteins are obtained from milk, milk protein contains whey and casein protein, out of which around 80% is casein and 20% is whey.
    The manufacturing of whey Isolate begins with the liquid whey that is obtained during the cheese-making process (the yellow liquid that we see formed on curd). The liquid whey contains carbohydrates, fats, and other micro-ingredients besides proteins. Liquid whey is then filtered using different membrane filters to remove the carbs, fats, and micro-ingredients. After passing liquid whey through different filters whey protein isolate containing about 90% proteins is produced.

  4. What is the difference between whey concentrate and whey Isolate?

    The primary difference between whey concentrate and whey isolate is the amount of proteins it contains. The usual raw whey concentrate that is used in major sports nutrition supplements contains about 80% proteins, this whey concentrate is filtered further to remove additional lactose and fats to make whey isolate. Raw whey Isolate has a purity of about 90%, meaning it contains 90% of protein by weight.
    Whey concentrate contains about 7% carbs and a few percent of fats while whey isolate contains an even lesser amount of carbs and fats. The percentage can vary a little bit depending on the manufacturer, the filters used during manufacturing, the season of the year, the source material i.e milk, etc.

    Difference between Whey Concentrate and Whey Isolate per 100 gram of product*
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  5. Which is better whey concentrate or whey Isolate?

  6. In terms of purity, whey isolate is better than whey concentrate. Whey Isolate has the highest amount of protein by weight, also the least amount of carbohydrates and fats. But it does not mean whey concentrate is inferior in terms of quality.
    Which is better for individual use depends on the fitness goals of the individual and several other factors.

    Whey Isolate is best suitable for
    i) People who want to build lean muscles.
    ii) People who are on a weight loss diet.
    iii) People who don’t mind spending a little more.
    iv) Advanced athletes.
    v) If you are lactose intolerant.

    Whey concentrate is best suitable for
    i) Beginners
    ii) As a daily protein supplement
    iii) Recreational athletes and bodybuilders
    iv) People who want a budget-friendly protein.
    v) People who don’t mind a few carbs and fats.

    You should consider the above factors while deciding between whey protein concentrate and whey isolate.
    Whey Isolate is especially good for people who are lactose intolerant and on a fat loss diet since it contains the least amount of carbohydrates and fats with the highest amount of protein per serving.

  7. Usage of Whey Isolate

    Whey Isolate can be used as a protein supplement when it is not possible to fulfill your daily recommended protein intake through diet alone. It is also used as a part of a weight loss diet. When you are consuming a low-calorie diet, whey protein can help you provide more energy and proteins to preserve muscle mass.
    It is majorly used as a supplement for gaining lean muscles since it contains a high amount of proteins with the least amount of carbs and fats.

  8. How to take whey Isolate?

    It is recommended to take whey Isolate with water rather than milk. Milk will add additional calories, carbs, and fats that you are trying to avoid by taking whey isolate. Add a scoop of whey protein isolate to 200 mL of water and shake.

  9. When to take Whey Isolate?

    Well, it depends on how you are using it.
    If you are using it as a protein supplement for your workout then post-workout consumption is recommended.
    If you are using it as a part of your weight loss diet then consumption with breakfast, in between meals is recommended.
    If you are just using it to add more protein to your diet then breakfast, in-between meals, at bedtime is recommended.

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Whey protein isolate is type of protein obtained from milk and it has the highest amount of proteins with the least amount of carbohydrates, fats and other micro-ingredients as compared to the other sources of proteins. Given its higher purity it has been the choice of protein supplement of many for a long time.

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