Usage Related FAQ

1. How much is protein should I consume every day?
– According to the National Institute of Health for a normal adult the daily requirement of protein is 0.8 to 1.2 gram per kg of body weight.
– For a person who lift weights or an athlete suggested intake is 1.8 to 2.2 grams of protein per kg of body weight.
– If you are an adult and weigh about 70 kg, your daily requirement is 70*1.0 gram= 70 grams of protein.
– Check out our protein calculator to know your approximate daily protein requirement.
2. Do I need to take protein supplements?
– If you can fulfill your daily protein requirements from your diet then you don’t need to take supplements.
– Also it is not always possible to include the required amount of protein in our diet, due to diet restrictions, busy schedules, improper diet, in such cases protein supplements can be taken to complement our diet.
– Supplements are nothing but a convenient way to take nutrients.
– Also, whey supplements offer various advantages such as fast absorption, purity, very low fat, carbs, and lactose.
3. Which protein type is ideal for me?
– It depends on your goals and body type.
– If you want lean muscles or cannot tolerate lactose, do not want any fats and carbs then Whey Isolate is a good choice.
– If you are a beginner, just joined the gym, or an active adult and can do with some carbs then we suggest going with whey concentrate.
4. Why there is some foam on my shake?
Foaming is a functional property of proteins. Thus when shaken vigorously whey protein forms some foam. Whey proteins are widely used as foaming agents in several formulations. The formation of foam on your shake is normal.
5. In how many days Whey protein show effect?
It depends on what you mean by an effect. If you are looking for muscle growth and increased muscle size it usually takes about 2-3 months along with a strict diet and dedicated efforts for the whey to show effects. Whey is not a magic pill that will grow and build your muscles overnight. A serious regime needs to be followed to get the benefits that whey has to offer.
Although as per my personal experience you will be able to see effects such as increased strength, decreased fatigue, higher energy within a week or two after you start consuming a protein supplement.
6. Which is the right time to take a Whey protein supplement?
Anytime is the right time to take a whey protein supplement, you can take it in the morning, during breakfast, after lunch, or dinner. It is advisable to divide your required amount into 2-3 portions and take that throughout the day. In this way, we can provide our body with a sustained dose of amino acids that are required for muscle protein synthesis rather than taking all at once.
But if you workout, and that is on empty stomach it is helpful to take them after the workout when muscles are starved of amino acids and then amino acids can offer the anabolic effect. In addition to this do consider taking protein during the day as suggested in the first paragraph.
7. Is it recommended to consume Whey protein every day?
Yes, you can consume whey protein every day if you want. It is a form of food. But stay within your daily recommended requirements for protein.
8. Whey protein is best with milk or water?
It depends on your goal,
if you are building lean muscles go with water.
If you want to increase bulk go for milk.
If you are on a weight loss diet go for water.
If you are lactose intolerant go for water.
Milk adds some amount of calories to the protein shake, so if you are counting your calories go with water.
After a workout drink protein with water, which does not interfere with protein absorption.
9. Why do whey protein supplements cause loose motion and gastric problems?
Whey protein supplements are not the culprit here, and it does not happen in everyone. It is caused due to the lactose intolerance and digestive system of the individual. It happens majorly in people with lactose intolerance. Meaning people who cannot digest lactose.
Whey Protein concentrate contains some carbohydrates in the form of lactose, which can result in gastric distress or loose motions in people with lactose intolerance.
Also in a normal individual, it may take a few weeks for our digestive system to get used to the protein, which may also result in loose motion but it goes away in a couple of weeks.
In some cases, if a protein is consumed in high quantities, the undigested portion travels to the large intestine, where it gets digested by microbes and produces gas.
So these are some reasons Whey protein supplements can cause gastric problems.
10. Is it good to take Whey protein twice a day?
Yes, it is fine to take Whey protein twice a day. It is suggested that to divide your required amount of protein into 2-3 portions and consume it throughout the day rather than consuming it all at once.
11. Is it OK to take whey before bed? Why is it beneficial?
It is okay to take a protein drink before bed, it keeps your body fed with amino acids required for muscle protein synthesis. Even when you sleep the muscle protein synthesis is going on, so it’s beneficial to drink protein before bed.
12. What will happen if we have whey protein and don't work out?
Nothing will happen if you consume whey protein within your daily recommended limit and don’t work out. Protein is an important macronutrient required by the body and whey provides a pure form of it. This protein will be used in the body for numerous daily functions.
It will be simply used as food by the body since it is food.
13. How much whey protein is too much for an adult person?
Anything that exceeds the recommended daily intake depending on the activity level or goal is too much. Let’s say about 3 gm/ kg of body weight/ day will be too much to consume for a normal adult unless you are a professional bodybuilder.
14. Can I take 2 scoops of whey protein at one time, or is it too much to take 48g at one time?
Yes, it will be too much protein at a time, the body won’t be able to digest it given its relatively small transit time in the stomach and small intestine. Much of it will be converted to energy or converted to glucose and the remainder will be excreted or fermented by bacteria in the large intestine. It is advised to divide your required amount into 2-3 portions and consume throughout the day.
15. What is the problem if protein powder is taken with hot milk or water?
There is no problem if a protein is taken with milk or water. Just don’t take it with hot water or milk, can use a little warm but not hot. At higher temperature protein denatures, also it affects the mixability of proteins. You will find it very hard to mix your protein with hot liquid.
16. Can I mix soy flour with milk instead of whey protein powder as a post-workout supplement?
Soy flour has only about 36% protein along with 30% carbs, so it won’t be as good as Whey Protein supplement.
If you want to replace your whey protein with soy, then soy protein Isolate will be a better option.
17. Can we take whey protein with BCAA?
Yes, you can take whey protein with BCAA if you want to.
BCAAs are known as branched-chain amino acids which are Leucine, Isoleucine, and valine. These are known to enter the bloodstream directly and help build muscle.
All whey protein contains BCAAs since it is a part of the amino acid profile of whey proteins.
Whether to take BCAAs or not is a matter of choice, if you are serious about bodybuilding and want to build great muscles, taking additional BCAAs will help. If you working out just to stay fit and maintain a good lifestyle then don’t worry about taking additional BCAAs, since Whey protein already contains BCAAs in them.
For example, our Whey Isolate contains 6.4 grams of BCAAs per serving.
18. What (ingredients) can I add to my unflavored whey protein shake to enhance its taste?
For sweetness: Sucralose (sugar-free), Honey, sugar, Jaggary
For flavor: chocolate syrup, Gulkand, rose flavor, Vanilla essence, Cocoa powder
For added taste use fruits such as Banana, Mango, Chikku (I use Chikku often, it tastes good)
Can also add Peanut Butter.
Some items may increase carb count so choose according to your goals.
But these items will enhance the taste of your unflavored whey greatly.
19. Can we give whey protein to kids?
Yes, you can give whey protein to kids. Whey is used as a protein source even for likes of Horlicks, baby formulas and so.
Just determine how much of protein does your kid needs, and use.
According to the National Institute of Health (US), it is
1. for Age 0–0.5 year- 2.2 gm/kg of body weight
2. 0.5- 1 year- 1.6 gm/ kg of body weight
3. 1–3 year- 1.2 gm/kg of body weight
4. 4–6 year- 1.1 gm/ kg of body weight
5. 7–10 year- 1 gm/ kg of body weight

Note: I would make one suggestion though, purchase raw whey protein if you can, add a little chocolate syrup for taste or any other flavor to it along with water/milk.
Most of the commercially available whey proteins use artificial sweeteners which are not recommended for kids.

20. What are the changes that you will notice if you suddenly increase your protein intake?
If you were to increase your protein intake suddenly following beneficial changes may occur
a. Increased stamina in gym
b. Better pump and recovery
c. Energy through the day
d. Less hunger
e. Decreased fatigue
But it is advisable to increase your protein intake gradually than suddenly. If you increase your intake suddenly following temporary side effects may occur
1. Gastric discomfort and bloating: Because the body is not adapted to digest the increased quantity of protein, most of the protein will be fermented in the large intestine. Which can lead to bloating and gases. The condition will go away once the body gets adjusted to the higher intake.
2. Dehydration: Since kidneys have to work hard to eliminate the by-products of protein metabolism and kidneys will do so by excreting lots of urine. Which in turn may make one feel thirsty. Make sure to drink plenty of fluids.
3. Exhaustion and sleepiness: Protein contents an amino acid called tryptophan. Tryptophan causes the release of serotonin in the body which regulates mood and sleep cycles. The increased protein intake can lead to an increase in serotonin levels leading to a feeling of sleepiness.
4. Nausea and Diarrhea: Increased Serotonin levels may also cause a feeling of nausea and Diarrhea.
21. What is the shelf life of unopened whey protein?
Usually, the shelf life of protein is about 18 months from the date of manufacturing when unopened. The exact number should be mentioned on the container itself. It varies between 18 to 24 months depending on the manufacturer.
But once open try to finish the tub within 2-3 months because repeated opening can introduce moisture into the protein which can cause degradation of the product. Close the lid tightly after use and don’t use a wet scoop.
22. How to use whey protein/ how to take whey protein?
Calculate your daily required amount of protein, out of which you can consume via supplements. Suppose you need about 70 grams of protein daily, you can have about 24 grams via supplements.
Choose your liquid.
You can have your protein with different liquids depending on your goal. With water, milk, as a smoothie, as a shake.
Use water if you work out, on a weight loss diet, lactose intolerant.
Use milk if: you are bulking up, want to gain mass, can digest dairy well
Take about half a scoop after you finish your workout, take the rest in equally divided portions throughout the day.
Some people prefer to drink all at once after a workout, but we advise them to divide into small portions and consume during the day at times such as, at noon, evening, after dinner.
Make the shake fresh every time you want to drink, don’t make all at once, and save it for a later time.
23. When to take whey protein?
Take whey protein immediately after a workout if you work out. Also, take whey protein throughout the day in 2-3 portions.
You can take protein at breakfast, at lunch, in the evening, before bedtime.
24. How to drink whey protein?
Add the required quantity of whey protein to your choice of liquid or depending on the goal, water or milk, shake a couple of times, stir or add to blender. Drink.
25. How to use whey protein powder?
Calculate your daily protein requirement, or as suggested by your dietician. Take the required amount of whey protein, Add the required quantity of whey protein to your choice of liquid or depending on goal, water or milk, shake a couple of times, stir or add to blender. Drink.
26. Can I take whey protein with milk?
Yes, you can take whey protein with milk, but be aware of the extra calories that milk can add if you are on a weight loss diet or lactose intolerant.
27. Can I take 3 scoops of whey protein a day?
Calculate your daily protein requirement, if you cannot fulfill your daily requirement with your diet, you can go for a supplement. 3 scoops a day seems a very high quantity of protein, make sure you don’t have any preexisting kidney condition or dysfunction. If it’s healthy and the quantity is within your daily requirement then you should have no problem. It may cause some gastric distress, so consume it throughout the day not at once, and also drink plenty of water.
28. When to take whey protein for muscle gain?
It is advised that to take protein after a workout for muscle gain, that’s when muscles present an anabolic window and also are starved of amino acids, so taking whey protein after a workout may result in muscle gain.
Also taking whey protein before a workout helps to improve muscle protein synthesis, so it is beneficial to take protein before and after a workout, rather than just after.
29. Can you mix whey protein with yogurt?
Yes, if you want you can mix Whey protein with yogurt, but be known that yogurt can increase the calorie count and will add additional carbohydrates, it will also slow down the absorption of whey protein. If you plan to take this during the day, it will be a good option, but after a workout go with water or milk.
30. Do I need BCAA if I take whey protein?
It depends on your goal and level of your workout. If you are a beginner or just want to maintain your physique or stay active then you don’t need to take extra BCAAs, all you need is there in Whey protein. Make sure the Whey you are using is of good quality and supplies a minimum of 20 grams of protein per scoop. But if you are a serious bodybuilder, lift heavy, and planning to build good muscles then taking extra BCAAs will help.
31. How many days 1kg whey protein last?
If you are planning to take a scoop every day, 1 kg protein can last for one month assuming the scoop size is around 30 grams.
32. How many times to drink whey protein a day?
You can drink whey protein a day as many times as you want, as long as you consume protein within your daily recommended intake. It’s beneficial to consume protein multiple times a day in small amounts, then a large amount at once.
33. How much water in 1 scoop of whey protein?
Water is just there to make it drinkable, you can add as much water as you like, but adding more water will dilute its taste and sweetness while adding less water will make it thicker and sweeter. You can try adding various amounts and see what you like. We usually recommend adding about 180 mL of water to a scoop of protein, which provides optimum taste and mouthfeel.
34. How to drink whey protein isolate?
Add about 180 mL of water to your shaker, add a scoop of Whey Isolate to it, and shake till mixed properly. A couple of shakes are usually enough to get a smooth shake. Drink.
35. Is it ok to take whey protein twice a day?
Yes, it is totally fine to take whey protein twice a day as long as you keep your intake within the daily recommended intake.
36. When to eat whey protein bars?
The best time to eat protein bars is during the day, after breakfast, lunch in the evening. Avoid using protein bars after a workout, use protein shake instead after a workout.
37. Who can use whey protein?
Whey protein is simply a convenient way to take our daily protein. Whey protein can be used by any normal individual who cannot fulfill his daily protein requirements through a regular diet.
38. Can I take weight gainer and whey protein together?
Most of the weight gainer already contains some amount of whey protein in it, but if you feel that you need to consume more protein then you can take weight gainer along with whey protein.
39. Can we have whey protein with milk?
Yes, you can have whey protein with milk, but milk will add additional calories, fats and may reduce the rate of absorption. If you are not worried about this and fine with dairy products then go ahead, it tastes even better with milk than water.
40. How long can I take whey protein?
You can take whey protein as long as you want, even if you don’t work out. Protein is required by our body at all stages of life be it a baby, child, teen, adult, pregnant woman, or older person. As long as you are a healthy individual without any kidney condition and consume your protein within your daily recommended intake and you are fine.
41. How many days should I take whey protein?
Whey protein is simply a pure source of protein that is required by our body to carry out many functions. You can take whey protein every day if you cannot fulfill your daily protein requirement through your diet.
42. How much whey protein is too much?
Anything that exceeds your daily protein requirements will be too much protein. Consult your dietician or try our protein requirement calculator to determine your daily requirement of protein.
43. Can I take whey protein on rest days?
Yes, you can take whey protein on rest days as well. There is no reason not to take protein on rest days, it helps to have protein in the body to keep that muscle protein synthesis going. Even if we rest, our body doesn’t.
44. Can I take whey protein with eggs?
Yes, if you want, you can. Many athletes consume eggs after a workout or before a workout in addition to a protein shake. It supplies the required protein along with other macro-nutrients.
45. Can skinny guys take whey protein?
Yes, skinny guys can take whey protein, given it is a simple and purified source of protein, whey protein is helpful to anyone be it skinny or big.
46. Can vegetarians drink whey protein?
Yes, since whey protein is obtained from milk, it is a vegetarian product. So vegetarians can drink whey protein.
47. Can we take whey protein empty stomach?
Yes, you can take whey protein on an empty stomach if you want, it may be a little uncomfortable though if you plan to workout afterward. It is not that big of a deal, but many people don’t want to have liquid sloshing in the stomach when they do their pushups. Use a little less liquid to avoid discomfort if you plan to do any physical activity afterward.
48. Can whey protein be taken before the workout?
Yes, you can take whey protein before a workout, it may be a little uncomfortable though. It is not that big of a deal, but many people don’t want to have liquid sloshing in the stomach when they do their pushups. Use a little less liquid to avoid discomfort.
49. How much whey protein should I take to build muscle?
If you lift heavy and following a good diet then you should take around 1.8-2.2 grams of protein per kg of your bodyweight to build muscles.
50. How much whey protein to consume per day?
Calculate your daily protein requirement using our protein requirement calculator. The results will tell you how much protein you need per day, out of which about 35% can be taken with supplements.
51. How to carry whey protein while traveling?
While traveling you can carry whey protein in a small jar which can be closed tightly.
52. How to shake whey protein?
First, add the required amount of water to your shaker, then add a scoop of protein or your daily dose of protein, close the lid tightly. Shake the shaker gently to avoid a lot of foam, or swirl the shaker. Make sure whey protein is dissolved. If you don’t like foam allow your shake to rest for 5-10 minutes for the foam to settle. Drink.
53. What can I add to my whey protein shake?
It depends on your goal, if you want to build lean muscles don’t add anything to it, maybe peanut butter, but if you want to gain weight or mass then you can add fruits like banana, Sapota, Peanut butter, nuts, oats even ice cream to your shake if you want. This may result in higher calorie content and becomes a mass gainer.
54. What can you mix with whey protein powder?
For added flavor, you can always add some chocolate syrup, but be careful what you are adding, because added ingredients can increase the calorie and carbohydrate count of your shake. If your goal is to gain mass then it’s okay, but if you want to build lean muscle then stick with a simple whey protein shake, maybe add little peanut butter.
55. Can I drink whey protein at night?
Yes, you can drink whey protein at night if you want to, it will keep supplying amino acids to your muscles to keep that muscle protein synthesis going even if you sleep. Proteins such as casein are especially used as night time protein.
56. Can I take pre-workout and whey protein?
You can take pre-workout before your workout and whey protein after a workout, don’t mix these two, pre-workout supplements contain ingredients which provide energy and stamina during a workout, and these ingredients need to be absorbed fast to achieve your required results, absorption of which can be slowed down due to whey protein shake or anything that you might take along with the pre-workout supplement.
57. Can we take whey protein in hot milk?
Don’t mix whey protein or any other protein with a hot beverage, higher temperature denatures protein, which may render it ineffective or cause to coagulate. You may find it hard to mix your whey protein if you add hot milk to it. The warm is okay but not hot.
58. Can you mix casein and whey protein?

Yes, you can mix casein and whey protein if you want, it will give you a nice blend of fast and slow absorption proteins.

59. How many times a day can you drink whey protein?
You can drink whey protein during the day as many as times you want to provide the total intake remain within your daily requirement. Studies show that drinking protein in a smaller dosage throughout the day is more effective than drinking a lot of protein at once.
60. How to add flavor to raw whey protein?
Just simply add flavors such as coffee powder, cocoa powder, chocolate syrup, vanilla essence, or any other flavor that you make like during mixing.
61. Is whey protein safe for long term use?
Yes, it is safe to use during long term use as long as the total amount remains within the daily requirements.
62. Can I take vitamins with whey protein?
Yes, you can take vitamins with whey protein if you want.
63. Can I take whey protein and amino acids together?
Yes, you can take whey proteins and amino acids together.
64. Can I take whey protein and collagen together?
Yes, you can take whey protein and collagen together, both are proteins made up of amino acids.