M2 Whey Protein

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M2 Whey Protein provides high-quality proteins to help meet daily protein requirements and build lean muscles*.


Each serving contains

24 gm


5 gm






12 gm





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Why M2 Whey Protein?

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Ultra Filtered Whey

To ensure un-denatured whey proteins

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Science driven Products

To ensure the product meets fitness goals

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100% Whey

For lean muscle building*

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PROGen enzyme tech

To aid in absorption and digestion of nutrients

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EAAs and BCAAs

To aid in muscle protein synthesis and to fight muscle fatigue and soreness


Company-Owned manufacturing

For excellent product quality assurance


If you are looking for a protein supplement to help you build lean muscles or to supplement your diet with high-quality protein to meet your daily protein requirements then M2 Whey Protein is right for you.

M2 Whey Protein contains ultra-filtered whey, with a full range of EAAs and BCAAs along with our revolutionary digestive enzyme blend.

The ultra-filtered un-denatured whey helps in lean muscle building*, the amino acids aid in stimulating muscle protein synthesis. M2 Whey Protein offers a high-quality protein supplement in a convenient and delicious tasting form.

Direction to use

M2 Protein Shake 180 200 MlM2 Protein Scoop Add 1M2 Protein Icon Sheke Well


Instantized Whey Protein Concentrate, Cocoa Powder, Digestive Enzymes, Sucralose (INS 955), Xanthan Gum (INS 415)

PROGen Digestive Enzyme Blend consists of Protease, Lactase, Papain, and Bromelain.

Advantages of M2

Rich Source of Protein: M2 Whey Protein is a good source of protein, it delivers about 24 grams of proteins per serving along with 5 Grams of BCAA and 12 Grams of EAAs per serving. It is a great supplement for people who are looking to increase their protein intake, for people with diet restrictions and special medical conditions.

With PROGen enzyme tech: M2 Whey Proteins contains a specially designed digestive enzyme blend that is tailor-made to specific products. Our PROGen enzyme blend consists of enzymes that play an active role in the absorption and digestion of nutrients.

Help build lean muscles: M2 Whey Proteins provide 24 grams of protein each serving to you help you build lean muscles. The naturally occurring BCAA and EAAs in our protein help fight fatigue and aid in muscle recovery after an intense workout session or physical exercise of any kind.

No harmful substances: M2 Whey proteins do not contain any added sugar or banned substances. We use GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe) artificial sweetener to avoid unwanted calories in our products. M2 whey Proteins only uses ingredients that are declared safe to use by FSSAI and USFDA.

Delicious taste and ease of use: M2 proteins have simply delicious taste and easy to mix instantized form, so you don’t need a blender to make your shake.

Two-factor Authenticity: Every product ordered online is shipped directly from the factory warehouse in a sealed box to avoid the chances of any adulteration in the supply chain. Also, you can verify the authenticity with the scratch code present on the product. Simply follow the instructions given on the scratch code to verify the authenticity of the product.

Consistent every time: All M2 Protein supplements are manufactured in our company-owned manufacturing plant. We do not get it made from other manufactures. We assure consistent quality and purity batch after batch because our company-owned manufacturing enables us to exercise better control over the quality and processing of our products.



Can I take this with milk?

– Yes, but milk contains additional carbohydrates and fats. You can decide depending on your fitness goals.

What is the best time to consume whey protein?

– After-workout is the best time to consume whey protein. Also, you can consume it for your breakfast, in between meals, or before bedtime.

Is it suitable for vegetarians?

Yes M2 Whey Protein is suitable for vegetarians.

Is it suitable for beginners?

– Yes, it is perfectly suitable for a beginner. It provides 24 grams of protein per serving along with other macro and micro-ingredients making it ideal for beginners.

Is it suitable for a women?

Yes, M2 Whey Protein is suitable for both men and women.

I want to gain lean mass, can I use M2 whey Protein?

Yes, M2 Whey Protein helps gain lean mass. It contains a minimal amount of carbohydrates and fats.

Does it have any side effects?

Whey Protein as such does not have any side effects, but in some cases, it may cause bloating if you have a sensitive stomach. In such cases increase your intake gradually. The bloating generally goes away within a week or so once the body is used to it.

I am on a weight loss diet, can I use it?

If you are following a weight loss diet, then it might not be suitable for you since it contains some carbohydrates and fats. Checkout our whey Isolate which is an ideal choice of supplement for a weight loss diet.

Can I consume 2 Scoops of M2 Whey Protein?

Yes, you can consume 2 scoops of protein if your daily protein requirement is higher. Consult your dietician or trainer regarding your specific protein requirement.

Best Time to consume

Below are some suggested times to consume M2 Whey Protein.

BreakfastAftre WorkoutIn Between Meals

Things to know before buying

  • Texture: Has a normal whey protein like texture.
  • Taste: chocolate-like, not too sweet.
  • Upon initial usage may cause bloating in few individuals due to the presence of lactose. The bloating goes away in a few days.
  • Mixability: Mixes well, may leave some undissolved globules behind which is normal for whey protein.

*when combined with resistance exercise.

29 reviews for M2 Whey Protein

  1. Avatar Of Kishor Vibhute

    Kishor Vibhute

    Had some issue authentication I had to call the company. But they verified it for me. No issues.

  2. Avatar Of Arohi


    The taste is like a milk shake it tastes even better with milk. No complains.

  3. Avatar Of Joseph


    I purchased after checking the lab report and speaking with customer care taste is good but who drinks protein for taste. All it needs to have a good quality protein.
    This brand has a good quality protein for all my needs. Some people keep commenting about the taste. Taste is not important when it comes to proteins. All it needs to have a good quantity and quality. It seems to have both. It mixes well too mixing is particularly important when it comes to protein. Good protein for all your workout needs.

  4. Avatar Of Viyan Khurana

    Viyan Khurana

    I have tried many indian as well as international brands before. My experience with international brand have been always good provided you get genuine product but is seems to have gotten hard recently. I tried this brand on recommendation of colleague I purchased the whey concentrate. I have been using it for past one and half months I purchased the 2 kg pack. It seems to be working well. My stomach is very sensitive and but this brand has not given me any issues so far. The quality of protein is good, there is a little bit foam but that is expected of a good quality protein. They have used very less quantity of emulsifiers. The taste is good I have drinking protein for almost everyday and I have not got bored of it. It tastes good with water. It is working well for me.

  5. Avatar Of Singh K

    Singh K

    Good quality product mixes very well after few shakes not lumps are left in the shaker. No bloating or any other stomach issues. The lab report shows few grams of carbs but you can expect that with whey concentrate. All whey concentrates have more carbs than isolate. It gave me good results

  6. Avatar Of Mohit K

    Mohit K

    I am writing this review after consuming 2 tubs. I was using this during the corona pandemic and it was my sole source of proteins. I did not have any stomach issues. The product felt did not give me any gas or anything. For an indian brand it seems to have a good quality. If you are looking for an indian brand and can not afford ON or other international brands this is one to go for. Results are good so far. It gave me good boost before my workout. The taste is good too.

  7. Avatar Of Tarang


    Good protein for daily use.

  8. Avatar Of Prashant Kharade

    Prashant Kharade

    no problems so far. its easy on stomach.need more discount please.I use it after my daily workout.good mass gain so far.next time if offer comes I will try whey isolate.

  9. Avatar Of Prabhat More

    Prabhat More

    use their protein calculator and get additional 10% off I almost missed it. The protein calculator itself was helpful it will tell you how much protein you need according to your needs. Although they need to improve the outer packaging it got slightly bent during shipping. But the product was fine.

  10. Avatar Of Karan Khandaria

    Karan Khandaria

    The protein is good the quality and quantity seems to be okay I am getting good results my only complaint is that they need to offer COD option for payment.

  11. Avatar Of Ashish


    Oaky protein I did not like the taste much.

  12. Avatar Of


    Blend of different proteins and carbohydrates also it contains MCT and glutamine too. So you do not have to purchase glutamine separately. This is bit expensive but worth it. It also have digestive enzymes previous mass gainers that I used gave me lot of stomach problems. It has not given me any trouble so far. Good taste feel different in my mass and strength too. Great product.

  13. Avatar Of Dhawal Prabhat

    Dhawal Prabhat

    I am using it for last two months. I take one scoop after my workout the taste is good. After using it for two months I am able to gain some good muscle mass I will buy again.

  14. Avatar Of Dipali K

    Dipali K

    I use it daily. Half a scoop with breakfast. Go for it.

  15. Avatar Of Rajesh Indalkar

    Rajesh Indalkar

    Good Product

  16. Avatar Of Dhawal


    I bought this last month. I been taking protein for almost last one year. It’s a really good protein given its Indian. I like it better than other brands I have used. I am also getting good results. Taste and mixability is good. Hopefully they will have more flavors soon.

  17. Avatar Of Mohan


    The results are good, it mixes well and tastes good too. Good quality protein.

  18. Avatar Of Dipti


    I bought this after seeing their ad on Instagram. I bought this for my dad, he really like the taste.

  19. Avatar Of Aman


    I am taking this protein from last one month. I workout everyday and I take one scoop after my workout. I am seeing good results after taking this for a month. I still have half left. I will order again.

  20. Avatar Of Vikram Gupta

    Vikram Gupta

    I and my wife both are taking half a scoop everyday. We like the taste, it is okay to buy .

  21. Avatar Of Mahesh B.

    Mahesh B.

    I ordered this couple of days ago, it arrived quickly within 4 days. It mixes well, although there are few clumps left after mixing but it is usual. I really like the taste. I don’t feel bloated after drinking this protein, as I used with my previous protein.

  22. Avatar Of Anand


    Tastes good, mixes well. Good results so far, I hope they maintain the quality of their products.

  23. Avatar Of Kamal D

    kamal D

    I would have preferred it to be more sweet. Overall okay

  24. Avatar Of Prajyot


    I needed a simple protein that tastes good. I checked their website and really informative. Lots of my doubts got cleared just reading their FAQ section. It is really helpful. I take one scoop after my run. It tastes good, I wish they had more flavors.

  25. Avatar Of Karan


    I just started working out. I saw an ad on facebook and ordered it. It tastes really good, like a chocolate milk or milk shake. Mixes well. I started with half a scoop and now I am taking a full scoop after my workout. I see increase in my strength. I will order again.

  26. Avatar Of Pooja Chavan

    Pooja chavan

    I take this after my daily workout, I am taking half a scoop everyday. I really like the mild chocolate flavor, its not too dark. I mixes well, I use only spoon and glass. I am vegetarian so I needed additional protein supplement. I seems to work well.

  27. Avatar Of Shyam


    I am taking this for last one month. I do feel change. Before I used to feel tired after my workout, now I don’t. Also I see increase in strength and muscle mass. I am planning to add half a scoop in the evening as well.

  28. Avatar Of Prakash Mule

    Prakash Mule

    It mixes very well and tastes great too. I and my brother both drink this protein. Package arrived quickly and it was well packed inside with bubble wrap and some paper. I did not like chocolate flavor of proteins before but I like this one, it not too dark, and sweet. I prefer this over other chocolate flavor proteins.

  29. Avatar Of Vishwkarma


    I usually do not write reviews but this one seems to deserve one. It is good quality protein for an indian brand. I hope they offer more discount next time.

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