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M2 Active Adult Supplements provides important nutrients such as Protein, Carbohydrates, and Amino acids to complement your diet. It contains ingredients that play an active role in keeping you fit, active, and help you achieve a better nutrition level.


Each serving contains

24 gm


6.8 gm




14.4 gm


2 gm





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Why M2 Active Whey Protein for  Adult?

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Rich Source of Protein

Helps you to fulfill your daily protein requirement
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Low GI carbs

Provides sustained release of energy to keep you going
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Micronized L-Glutamine helps fight muscle fatigue and soreness, prevents muscle catabolism, and improves immunity.
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PROGen enzyme tech

To aid in absorption and digestion of nutrients

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EAAs and BCAAs

Full spectrum of naturally occurring amino acids helps stimulate muscle protein synthesis and fight muscle fatigue.

Company-Owned manufacturing

For excellent product quality assurance

Description for Whey Protein for adults

M2 Active Adult is a specially formulated supplement for adults who focus on staying fit. If you hit the gym to maintain your physique, keep high activity level, and focus on being fit, M2 Active Adult is a choice of supplement for you. M2 Active adult contains ingredients that help support day to day active life.

M2 Active Adult supplement contains an innovative blend of Tri-Phase protein matrix that delivers slow, medium, and fast-digesting protein, a sustained release carbohydrate blend along with L-Glutamine and L-Tyrosine.

The Tri-Phase protein fulfill your immediate protein needs and the slow and medium rate absorption protein provides proteins as you go along your day, the carbohydrate blend provides a sustained release energy source to keep you active and our new blend of digestive enzymes aid in digestion and absorption of nutrients.

Direction to use

Tip:You can vary the amount of liquid in your shake depending on your taste preferences. To get thicker and sweeter shake simply decrease the amount of liquid you are adding and vice-versa.

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CFM Whey Isolate, Micellar Casein, Ultra-Filtered Whey Concentrate, Isomaltulose, L-Glutamine, Medium Chain Triglyceride, Cocoa Solids, L-Tyrosine, ProGen Digestive Enzyme Blend, Xanthan Gum, Carrageenan, Cellulose Gum, Sucralose (INS 955)

ProGen Digestive Enzymes contains Protease, Papain, Bromelain, and Lactase.

Advantages of M2 Whey Protein for Adults

Helps you meet your daily protein intake: Protein is an essential component of our daily diet. Whether we work out or not, we need it for the proper functioning of our body. M2 Active adult provides 24 grams of protein per serving through its innovative protein matrix. M2 Active Adult protein matrix is composed of slow, medium, and fast release proteins. The slow-release proteins come from Micellar Casein while the medium and fast release proteins come from Whey concentrate and Isolate respectively.

Low GI Carbohydrates: Carbohydrates are the main energy source of the body. It runs your body and brain. It is the main fuel. M2 Active Adult contains a low glycemic index carbohydrate source that is burned slowly. This works as a slow drip of energy for your body to keep you going.

Naturally occurring BCAAs and EAAs: M2 Active Whey contains 6.8 grams of Branched-chain amino acids and 14.4 grams of Essential Amino Acids per serving. BCAAs and EAAs help fight muscle fatigue and soreness.

Added L- Glutamine: M2 Active Adult contains about 2 grams of L-Glutamine. L-Glutamine is a building block of protein, it reduces muscle soreness, fatigue, and improves muscle recovery after a workout. L-glutamine is also known to prevent muscle catabolism and help the immune system.

With PROGen enzyme tech: The specially designed enzyme blend contains enzymes that play an active role in the absorption and digestion of protein and carbohydrates present in the M2 Active adult.

No harmful substances: M2 Active Adult does not contain any added sugar or banned substances. We use GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe) artificial sweetener to avoid unwanted calories in our products. The M2 Active Adult only uses ingredients that are declared safe to use by FSSAI and USFDA.

Delicious taste and ease of use: M2 proteins have simply delicious taste and easy to mix instantized form, so you don’t need a blender to make your shake.

Two-factor Authenticity: Every product ordered online is shipped directly from the factory warehouse in a sealed box to avoid the chances of any adulteration in the supply chain. Also, you can verify the authenticity with the scratch code present on the product. Simply follow the instructions given on the scratch code to verify the authenticity of the product.

Consistent every time: All M2 Whey Protein supplements are manufactured in our company-owned manufacturing plant. We do not get it made from other manufactures. We assure consistent quality and purity batch after batch because our manufacturing enables us to exercise better control over the quality and processing of our products.

Whey Protein for Adults FAQ

I don’t want to build muscles but I go to the gym just to stay fit, which supplement can I use?
M2 Active Adult is specially made exactly for people like you. M2 Active adult is an ideal supplement for you.

It contains carbohydrates, will it make me gain weight?
M2 Active adult contains a low glycemic index, sustained energy release carbohydrate. It provides you energy for a longer period. The only way you will gain weight if you exceed your calorie intake than required.

How the three protein matrix will benefit me?
We use a special protein matrix that contains slow, medium, and fast release proteins. The Whey Isolate will provide you with your protein immediately after the workout, while the Whey concentrate and Micellar Casein will keep releasing amino acids while you go about your work during the day. It will keep your muscles fueled for a longer time.

It tastes different than the usual protein shake, why?
Because it contains various ingredients that have different texture and mouthfeel. We have tried to achieve the best taste possible for our M2 Active Adult, but up to an extent that does not affect the nature of ingredients or increases serving size. It tastes and feels different because of the different ingredients present in it.

Why should I Consume the M2 Active Adult supplement?
Of course, we try to get our daily nutrition from the diet, but it has many limitations. Our busy lifestyle, diet restrictions doesn’t allow us to consume as many nutrients as we need to. M2 Active Adult helps you to get at least a part of your daily nutrition with a simple, delicious shake.

Does it contain any harmful substances?
No, it does not contain any harmful substances. We only use ingredients that are declared safe and approved by FSSAI and USFDA.

Is it suitable for a woman?
Yes, it is suitable for both men and women.

Best Time to consume

Below are some suggested times to consume M2 Active Adult.

BreakfastAftre WorkoutIn Between Meals

Things to know before buying

  • Texture: slightly different than usual whey proteins, due to the presence of different ingredients. Micellar Casein and Isomaltulose have a different texture that feels slightly grainy while drinking.
  • Taste: Chocolate like
  • Due to the presence of slow absorbing carbs and protein, it may cause bloating in some individuals that go away in a week or so.
  • May feel heavy in the stomach due to nutrient-rich shake.

10 reviews for Best M2 Active Whey Protein for Adults

  1. Avatar Of Chaitanya


    I usually use whey protein for my daily use but I wanted to give a has almost the same quantity of proteins but has mix of some 2-3 different proteins.also has some carbs which are necessary for energy It is a nice product.

  2. Avatar Of Lakshmi Das

    Lakshmi Das

    I am a working professional and I needed some nutritional supplement for my daily use. I did not want protinex or anything of that sort I researched and found this one. It has different proteins carbs fats and some amino acids with digestive enzymes. Although it cant be a meal replacement or anything but it seems to work well for me. I do not feel hungry too often or do not feel much tired after days work. It tastes little different but its okay. it has nice chocolate flavor only thing I would suggest is decreasing sweetness little bit. Otherwise its good.

  3. Avatar Of Amogh Prakash

    Amogh Prakash

    If you have a busy schedule and need a good supplement this is the one to go. I am using this for last 3 weeks and results are great. I feel energetic do not feel too hungry. I take it with my breakfast in the morning.I use whey isolate after workout but I was looking for something different for morning supplement. This one works fine it has different carbs which I was looking for not the usual carbs from maltodextrin stay away from maltodextrin. It also has MCT Good product overall I will buy again.

  4. Avatar Of Ashutosh Garg

    Ashutosh Garg

    delivered quickly. It feels heavy in stomach after drinking it, I was afraid that I would get bloated or gas, but I did not. I take a scoop before going to work. It seems to be helping. Has good enough mix of proteins and carbs.

  5. Avatar Of Parag Hole

    Parag Hole

    I drink it with milk, I like it better than with water. Just purchased it a week ago, so I cant comment on results. Taste is good, easy to mix.

  6. Avatar Of Pratiksha


    Taste is okay not too sweet, was delivered quickly.

  7. Avatar Of Vrushali


    I purchased it for myself and my husband, It seems good. I don’t feel too tired in afternoon since I been taking this. We usually consume one and half scoop between us.

  8. Avatar Of Karan T

    Karan T

    It feels different while drinking, but its not an issue, just not what I used to. Taste is okay. I usually take it when I am in hurry and don’t have time for a breakfast, it helps.

  9. Avatar Of Dhiraj M

    Dhiraj M

    accha product he. Me roj nahi pita, lekin jab bhi pita hu to jyada bhuk nahi lagti or fresh lagta he.

  10. Avatar Of Vishal Kapdiya

    Vishal Kapdiya

    I ordered this Active adult on suggestion of a friend. I usually take a half scoop in morning along with my breakfast. I used to get tired by afternoon, but now I don’t feel tired as much as I used to. I also don’t get too hungry in the afternoon. The taste is little different may due to the different ingredient, but I like it. I will purchase again.

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