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M2 Micellar Casein provides 25 grams of slow-release proteins per serving. Choose M2 Micellar Casein if you want to add another dimension to your protein diet by supplying your muscles with a sustained release source of amino acids.


Each serving contains

25 gm


5.8 gm




12.6 gm



Banned Substances


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Why M2 Micellar Casein?


100% Micellar Casein

No cheap caseinates, only cold filtered Micellar Casein

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Science driven Products

To ensure the product meets fitness goals

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Premium ingredients

Imported Micellar Casein to ensure better quality

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PROGen enzyme tech

To aid in absorption and digestion of nutrients

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EAAs and BCAAs

Full spectrum of amino acids for sustained muscle protein synthesis


Company-Owned manufacturing

For excellent product quality assurance


Micellar casein is well known as a slow-digesting protein or night time protein. If you want to improve your protein supplementation this is the best choice for you.

M2 Micellar Casein contains 25 grams of slow-release protein along with a full range of naturally occurring BCAAs and EAAs with our innovating blend of digestive enzymes.

Micellar Casein when mixed with liquid forms micelles decreasing its rate of release, which helps stimulate muscle protein synthesis for a longer period, lasting for about 7 hours.

Direction to use

Pudding: Add a scoop of protein to a bowl. Add a little water just to thicken the protein. Add little water to desired consistency and stir.


M2 Protein Scoop Add 1M2 Protein Shake 180 200 MlM2 Protein Icon Sheke Well


Micellar Casein, Cocoa Solids, Xanthan Gum, ProGen Enzyme, Sucralose (INS 955), Sodium Chloride, Acesulfame Potassium, Cellulose Gum, Carrageenan.

PROGen Digestive Enzyme Blend consists of Protease, Lactase, Papain, and Bromelain.


How Micellar Casein can help me?
It works as a slow-release protein, most of the protein we consume is absorbed faster within 2 hours of so which gives a spike in muscle protein synthesis which eventually diminishes. Micellar casein helps prolong muscle protein synthesis by providing slow release amino acids that keep muscles fed for longer.

Why does it taste different?
Different dairy products have different textures and mouthfeel. Micellar Casein is one of them. It does have a different texture and mouthfeel than whey proteins. We have tried our best to make it taste almost like whey shakes without compromising its quality or increasing serving size to accommodate creamers.

Is it imported?
Yes, our Micellar Casein is imported from one of the largest dairy product manufacturers in the world.

What is the purity of raw micellar casein?
Our raw micellar casein has a purity of 85%.

What are the other ingredients in the formulation?
The other ingredients in the formulation are stabilizers. They help improve the mouthfeel and texture of the final product. It also helps to make a uniform shake without too much settling of powder.

Does it contain any harmful substances?
No, it does not contain any harmful substances.

Why I feel bloated?
Micellar casein is one of the hardest proteins to digest. It takes a little time for your body to adjust to it. Also, we have added enzymes to help it digest better. The bloating usually goes away in a week or so.

Why it doesn’t mix properly or takes time to mix?
We have used an instantized version of Micellar casein, however, in some cases, it may form little lumps. As mentioned before Micellar Casein has different structure and forms micelles when mixed with liquid, these micelles are not so water-loving, so it takes time to get in solution. It is the nature of the product, don’t worry.

Is it vegetarian?
Yes, it is vegetarian.

Is it suitable for a woman?
Yes, it is suitable for a woman.

Can I drink it immediately after a workout?
Yes, you can if you want to. But we would suggest going for Whey based supplement for after workout protein shakes. Use Micellar casein as in between meals or night time protein.


Source of slow-release protein: Micellar Casein is the best slow-release protein available. Nothing beats it in being slow. It releases amino acids for about 7 hours and M2 Micellar casein contains about 25 grams of it. Micellar Casein works as a slow drip of amino acids and stimulates muscle protein synthesis for a longer period, it helps keep the body in the anabolic phase while avoiding catabolism.

BCCAs and EAAs: M2 Micellar Casein 5.8 grams of naturally occurring Branched Chain Amino Acids and 12.6 grams of Essential Amino Acids. BCAAs and EAAs fight muscle fatigue, help build muscle and decrease recovery time.

Best Night-time and in-between meals protein: Fast absorption protein gives a spike in muscle protein synthesis which eventually tapers off. The body needs a continuous supply of amino acids to maintain the positive nitrogen balance and anabolic phase, and Micellar casein exactly does that. Micellar Casein is the best night-time protein to keep your muscles fed while you sleep.

100% Micellar Casein: M2 Micellar Casein is made of 100% Micellar Casein, meaning we do not use acid casein, calcium, or sodium caseinates in our product. What is written on the product is what you will find in the product. Caseinates and acid casein offer better solubility and cheaper cost but at the expense of quality. While Micellar Casein has a little less solubility, different texture, a higher cost but offers better nutritional quality and we are sticking with the quality.

With PROGen enzyme tech: The specially designed enzyme blend helps better absorb and digest protein and carbohydrates present in the M2 Micellar Casein. The quantity of enzyme present in PROGen enzyme tech is specifically tailored to the quantities of nutrient in the product, that can help increase the efficiency of the product.

No harmful substances: M2 Micellar Casein does not contain any added sugar or banned substances. We use GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe) artificial sweetener to avoid unwanted calories in our products. M2 Proteins only uses ingredients that are declared safe to use by FSSAI and USFDA.

Better taste and ease of use: M2 Micellar Casein has a good taste and easy to mix instantized form, so you don’t need a blender to make your shake.

Two-factor Authenticity: Every product ordered online is shipped directly from the factory warehouse in a sealed box to avoid the chances of any adulteration in the supply chain. Also, you can verify the authenticity with the scratch code present on the product. Simply follow the instructions given on the scratch code to verify the authenticity of the product.

Consistent every time: All M2 Whey Protein supplements are manufactured in our company-owned manufacturing plant. We do not get it made from other manufactures. We assure consistent quality and purity batch after batch because having our own manufacturing facility enables us to exercise better control over the quality and processing of our products.

Best Time to consume

Below are some suggested times to consume M2 Whey Protein.

BreakfastAftre WorkoutIn Between Meals

Things to know before buying

  • It is one of the toughest proteins to deal with, it has a different texture, different taste, and mixability. It is almost like flour.
  • Texture: It has an almost flour-like appearance, may blow up in the air if not handled carefully. Feels different while drinking, not like the usual whey protein shake.
  • Taste: Chocolate like, sweet enough.
  • May feel heavy in the stomach due to the higher volume of the shake.
  • Micellar Casein is one of the toughest proteins to digest, don’t worry if you feel bloated for a few initial days.
  • Mixability: Mixes well.


12 reviews for M2 Micellar Casein

  1. Avatar Of Sangit Pawar

    Sangit Pawar

    If ur looking for a good quality casein buy this one.tastes good and mixes good too 5/5 stars.

  2. Avatar Of Pal Rathod

    Pal Rathod

    Good product for protein supplement helps in muscle gain. My trainer suggested me. I read reviews and bought. Before buying I was not sure about the taste because I read casein taste bad but his one tastes very good. Also mixes well. Amazing product.I needed a good night time protein. So bought this one. I have tried other casein but this is so far the best. Does not taste bad or anything as other caseins do. Also flavor is good. Seeing good results. Good to add this casein to your stack. With good exercise and diet you can get good muscle gain.Mixability 5/5Taste 5/5Packaging and delivery 4/5

  3. Avatar Of Jayant Jain

    Jayant Jain

    Overall a great product.

  4. Avatar Of Dilip Goyal

    Dilip Goyal

    Its hard to find a good quality casein. I workout a lot so prefer to drink a protein shake even at night. I have tried casein from indian as well international brands. This one is good. Casein tastes different so many people do not drink it. But it is very good protein for muscle gain. This product tastes good and mixes well too. Will buy again.

  5. Avatar Of Tushar Patil

    Tushar Patil

    Better than other micellar caseins on the market. No bloating or any digestive issues. I will buy again.

  6. Avatar Of Pawar Nichiket

    Pawar Nichiket

    It has almost flour like appearance, and taste different too. I spoke with the customer care they told me this is how it is supposed to look like due to different nature of the material. I been drinking it for last two weeks. So far no issues, too early to comment on results.

  7. Avatar Of Aman


    It has different appearance, almost like soy protein. I prefer this as my night time protein. I heard that micellar casein gives digestive issues so I was little afraid before ordering. But this one did not give me any issues.

  8. Avatar Of Ashutosh R.

    Ashutosh R.

    I didn’t like the taste of micellar casein, I would prefer the usual whey.

  9. Avatar Of Amin


    My trainer asked me to get a casein. This is my first time with buying casein. I take Isolate after workout and casein before going to bed. I has different taste and appearance than whey Isolate, I guess this is how casein is supposed to taste like. I been taking it for week and half and I already see the difference.

  10. Avatar Of Ishan Babu

    Ishan Babu

    It’s a good night time protein. I use it every night. Mixes well, although doesn’t taste like whey protein, it has different texture, but its good.

  11. Avatar Of Sapan


    Arrived quickly, easy on stomach. I consume half a scoop every night, I feel energetic in the morning. Give it a try. Its better as compared to other brands.

  12. Avatar Of Atit


    I was reluctant to order a micellar casein because of my previous experience, if experienced bloating and digestive issues. But I wanted a night time protein, so I decided to give it a try. I must say it is the best. I did not experience any bloating or digestive problems like before, it is light on stomach, mixes well. Overall a good product.

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