Our Story

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Rohit Jadhav

B. Pharm- Pune University

MS (Industrial Pharmacy) Campbell University, USA


Research Work in Protein Molecules

I did research work in protein molecules and worked a lot with protein formulae while employed in the USA. I worked at a pharma company that manufactured protein-based advanced pharmaceuticals for anticancer treatment. I came back to India, as my parents insisted on my return. When I came back to India, I used to go to the gym with my friends. At that time, I came across theĀ erroneousĀ way youngsters or professionals here in India were looking at nutritional supplements.

My Frustration

There were lots of misconceptions, myths, and fear about consuming nutritional supplements, On top of that, I used to get furious, with how people who did not have any competent information about supplements guided wrongly these youngsters.

Rohit Jadhav

B. Pharm- Pune University

MS (Industrial Pharmacy) Campbell University, USA


Incompetent Whey Manufacturers

I researched and found out that most nutritional supplements or rather whey protein products were not formulated by the experts in the field of protein science. Those companies were founded by some athletes, or by a guy with business acumen who gets the product manufactured by someone else. Moreover, there is a lot of distrust about Indian whey protein brands.

Start of M2Proteins

It was very disheartening for me. Due to this sheer frustration and mindset of changing the way whey supplements are sold and how much misinformation exists, I came up with M2PROTEINS nutritional supplements for the concerned athletes & health-conscious people.


We envision to empower by educating and guiding the health conscious individuals to take a well informed path to purchase nutritional products.


To understand consumer nutritional needs and problems, to develop nutritional products addressing those needs. And to manufacture nutritional products with the highest level of integrity, quality and ethics.
Lastly, Be known to consumers as their trusted nutritional partner.

Our Core Values


We procure raw material that is of highest quality standards and follow international norms & Process Standards to manufacture products.

Innovation & Research

We keep ourselves updated regarding continuously changing health habits and manufacture products to support or address those health habits.


To do what is best for consumer and consumers health.

Supporting Community

By Sharing Knowledge & doing social welfare