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Importance Of Protein After Workout

What happens if you don’t consume proteins after exercise?

After reading this small discussion you will understand the importance of protein after workout or physical activity and role of proteins as a macro-ingredient of our diet.

Many people stress the importance of consuming enough proteins in our daily diet as well as after workout, but many of us tend to ignore the advice or have our preconceived ideas about diet, we don’t pay attention to the available evidence regarding the subject, we harbor misconceptions or believe in myths.

Many try to convince us the goodness of proteins but fail to present a convincing evidence of its importance, it causes more harm than benefit.

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Here we have discussed a research performed by notable scientists on the effects & importance of protein after workout, this paper sheds light on effects of nutrient specific diet/supplementation after physical activity, that can help us better understand the role a nutrient plays in our body.


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This study was performed at the Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Nashville, TN, USA. It shows that it is important to consume proteins post-exercise.

The study was performed on a group of healthy subjects including 5 men and 5 woman. The subjects were studied three time, each time receiving a different nutrient supplement.

1. No supplement (NO)
2. Carbohydrate and lipids (SUPP)
3. Carbohydrate, lipids and protein (SUPP+PRO)

For first time the group received no supplements, for the second time group consumed carbohydrates and lipids (fats) and the third time group consumed the same amount of carbohydrates and fats in addition to 10 grams of protein.

This group of subjects was asked to maintain a consistence daily exercise, dietary intake and body weight 2 weeks prior to the test date.


The researchers studied various parameters among which we will discuss one important parameter.


NO: No supplement,                                  SUPP: Carbohydrate+ Fat,                                  SUPP+PRO: Carbohydrates+ Fat+ Protein

Protein synthesis: Process of making proteins
Protein breakdown: Breakdown of proteins into amino acids
Net balance: Protein synthesis- protein breakdown

As we can clearly see here in the third column in above graph, the net balance of the first two (NO and SUPP) is negative, while the SUPP+PRO is positive. Also the protein synthesis increased significantly when supplemented with proteins post-exercise as compared to the other two groups.


In the absence of post exercise protein consumption the net protein balance of the body became negative, meaning body broke down more proteins than it made. The negative net balance results in decrease in muscle mass and muscle wastage, while maintaining positive balance result in growth in skeletal muscle proteins. In addition post exercise consumption of proteins resulted in higher protein synthesis as compared to the other two groups.

It also shows that a nutrient specific diet is necessary after workout, just having plain diet or food that is not rich in required nutrient for the case is of no help.

So, if you don’t consume enough proteins after your workout the protein nitrogen balance shifts to negative which results in muscle loss. To conclude, add consume enough protein after workout to avoid muscle breakdown and improve muscle gain.

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