Can you drink whey protein with milk or water?

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Can you drink whey protein with milk or water?

It depends on your nutritional goal, if you are working out to gain muscles drink whey with water, if you want to gain mass/ weight take whey with milk.

Basically, you have three options:

  • Whey + Water: If you don’t want any carbs, fats
  • Whey Isolate + water: If you drink whey Isolate
  • Whey + milk: If you are trying to gain weight
  • Whey + water:
    This depends on your goal, and why you work out. If you are working out to gain muscles, or preparing for a bodybuilding competition you don’t want to accidentally consume any carbs and fats that may along with milk. It is better to drink whey protein shakes along with water.
    Because, remember 100 ml of whole milk contains about 61 calories, 3.3 grams of fat, and about 5 grams of carb, this number will vary slightly depending on how honest your milkman is!!
    But, to keep this confusion away just add water to the whey.
  • Whey Isolate + Water:

    If you are drinking whey isolate, to increase your protein intake and keep carbs and fats to a minimum your best option is to go with whey and water. It does not make any sense to spend that extra money to get the best possible whey Isolate with minimum carbs and fats to just add those with milk. So if you are taking expensive whey isolate just stick with water.

  • Whey + Milk:
    If you are drinking whey to gain mass (better option to take mass gainer for that) you can add as much as milk you want. Don’t worry about the extra calories, fats, and carbs, you need those anyway to gain weight. And also whey with milk tastes much better than water. Milk adds awesome creaminess, texture, and mouthfeel to the whey and makes it so much better.
    Don’t overthink this, to make it even simpler,
    Add milk if you don’t mind extra carbs and fats, if you do, stick with water.

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